V2 and V6.68 Announcement

Dear Members,

Today we have fixed the respawn ratio's of Waterway Dungeon.

We have added some new monstes to tunnel of ghorgova + added bosses random locations.


For V6,

We have upped the automatic detect speed hack to prevent dc's on rapid glading for vampire sided.


Enjoy Gaming!

V2 Quick Maintenance/Announcement

Dear Members,


Today we have received multiple messages to increase the ratio's of monster inside Waterway Dungeon.

So like we listen to our Community we adjusted this!

We have also made the "God Set Items" from the market for all future purchases to Limited (But Unlimited).

This will be preventing trading it to others.


Thanks for understanding,

Enjoy Gaming!

V2 Updates

Dear Members,

We have moved a extra menu containing the converters and check market points to the left on a quick menu.
This will clean up the links inside our main menu as well.

Today Our V2 is undergoing some updates.

Hope you will all like these new updates.

Waterway Dungeon Changed Monsters to Chief Black And Red's Only.

Limbo Dungeon has been lowerd on Monster Levels.

I have created Quick teleporters on every perona safe zone side.

These signs work like this: you walk near them around them and you get automaticly teleported to the location the signs says!

More to come!

Enjoy Gaming

V2 & V6.68 2 Week Event

Dear Members,

For our V2 There will be 2 week long Double Exp Event!

For Our V6.68 There will be 4 events.

Double Experience.

Lilith drops Enabled from all mobs!

Double Pet Experience event

Triple Every Market Purchase

Small Announcement V6.68;

(Gold medals has been enabled back to old ratio's)

Enjoy Gaming